The Remnant Bin

Doug van hooser

it’s like fishing
a fish farm pond
with no limit and
no live bait to contaminate
water where all fish are brothers
unless one takes the lure to self-detonate
but this is the sea of displaced
misplaced by religion    bombs    and hate

refugees choose their own slaughter
pay to be shipped to a shore
that never congratulates
doesn’t know middle from east
child from hunger
scarf from woman
man from hope
pray from prey

indiscriminate integrates everyone
leftovers from the meal of war
hovel in shells of destruction
no shelter from indifference’s storm
bread unleavened by bullets hail
starves all souls

no returns once the price is reduced

Doug Van Hooser's poetry has appeared in Poetry Quarterly, Chariton Review, Black Fox Literary Magazine and Split Rock Review among other publications. His fiction can be found in The Riding Light Review, Crack the Spine and Red Earth Review. Doug is a playwright active at Three Cat Productions and Chicago Dramatists Theatre.