Tangled on the Road to Self Mastery

Nikki Schiro

55" X 55"  Pastels and Acrylic on Canvas  2017

55" X 55"

Pastels and Acrylic on Canvas


Nikki Schiro is a native New York artist.

Her studies in art include an M.F.A. (2006) and B.F.A. (2002) from Hunter College, NY, as well as the Saturday Outreach Program (1997) at Cooper Union College for the Advancement of Fine Art.  Schiro has exhibited extensively in galleries, museums, non-profit and alternative spaces, both home and abroad.

Schiro has been exhibiting and engaging in/with China since 2010. She was selected as a foreign exhibitor for the Third Nanjing International Arts Festival, November 2016, an exhibit that focused on the effects of globalization.  In January (2016) Schiro was one of two Americans selected to exhibit in the Inaugural International Invitational Biennale of Emei MoCa (LeShan, Sichuan Provence). Nikki was invited to live and work for several months in China via the Red Gate Residency (Beijing, 2011) and Highland Residency (Chengdu, 2010), each latent with remarkable achievement.  In 2011 Schiro integrated with local art community and was nominated to co-curate and exhibit at Nova Art Coordinates Gallery, (BeiGao, BeiJing). In 2010, she was invited to exhibit at The Woman and Children Museum  (Chengdu) for an exhibition of contemporary women artists in China. Nikki Schiro also became the first foreign artist to have a Solo Exhibition in Chengdu, at the Blue Roof Gallery, initiated and curated by the artist HE GONG.