Surveillance Eye
Mariette Papic with Ronnie Garza

July 28, 2013

I feel protected
I feel you like a ghost
of someone who said they’d watch over me
of someone who said they’d never leave
You’re a mystery
how do You see me?
what goes on behind Your eye?
behind Your mind?
touching me
from the sky
oh sweet, hungry, Surveillance Eye
can you tell me your secrets?
are you attached to my body?
enthralled with my every move?
will I know when You’re gone?
will I feel if You leave?
who will replace You?
Oh great, Sweet Surveillance Eye in the sky
please don’t leave.

Mariette Papić is a photographer, poet, outlier theorist. She is the author of Electric Bathtub Psalms on Laughing Mouse Press. Mariette is a proponent of free minds and free bodies traversing analogue and digital paradigms. For this piece, she collaborated with Ronnie Garza, a musician, poet and activist.

What motivates her to create:
“Need, wonder and the brevity of life. My ability to create is a privilege bestowed by the universe; when I’m not being stupid, I try and take full advantage of this.”

Ronnie Garza (@epistemologies) is an artist, musician, poet & activist. He is currently based out of Austin TX but calls the Rio Grande Valley home. He is currently organizing with Occupy Austin & RiseUpTX. This track and album were written in response to having been entrapped by undercover detectives infiltrating Occupy Austin and the 14 month legal battle that followed.

What motivates him to create:
“Joseph Beuys said ‘everyone is an artist,’, and I agree so I don’t think I’m doing anything different than anyone else. Everyone is creating the world, everything we call ‘art’ is just a subsystem of the total creative experience.”