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Photograph: Unnamed  Then, the Ophir Estate circa Year 1892, designed by Olmstead. (Now, our campus' iconic Reid Castle!)

Photograph: Unnamed
Then, the Ophir Estate circa Year 1892, designed by Olmstead. (Now, our campus' iconic Reid Castle!)

Calling all creatives:

From mishaps & misfits to masterpieces, The Manhattanville Review seeks polished creative works with unique ideas, perspectives, and experimental elements. We are interested in pieces that take creative risks and contain strong writing skills. Please submit previously unpublished poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art to our online journal only through Submittable.

General submission guidelines

All written pieces should be submitted in Times New Roman 12 pt font, double spaced. Literary files are accepted in PDF, DOC, or Dox format. Visual art files are accepted as a JPEG or PDF. Please read our current issue prior to submitting in order to get a sense of the types of creative pieces we are interested in publishing. All submissions should be sent through Submittable. 

Please note submissions that do not follow our general guidelines will not be read.

Submission requirements by genre

Poetry: We select a wide range of poetry in various forms, styles, and subject matters that showcase craft, contemplation, and unique perspectives. Please submit one to five poems, ten pages maximum.

Fiction: We are interested in polished, creative, and concise pieces of Fiction, ranging from five to ten pages, double spaced. 

Creative Non-Fiction: We are interested in dynamic, well crafted, creative pieces containing a compelling voice, ranging from five to ten pages, double spaced.

Visual Art: We accept black and white or colored works of art and have a wide range of aesthetic preferences. Submissions are accepted in PDF or JPEG form, with a five piece maximum. Please keep in mind we are an online journal and seek art submissions that can be easily enjoyed and showcased on a virtual platform.

Reviews: We are now accepting critical reviews of recent works such as fiction, nonfiction, poetry (chapbooks), and other writing forms, ranging from three to six pages, double spaced.

Promptly notify us of simultaneous submissions and withdraw your submission through Submittable if accepted elsewhere. 


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