Look, it’s not wrong; I just think the Manson girls were hot

Michael Smith

Look, it’s not wrong;
I just think the Manson girls were hot.

Hence, the title…

I know you might want to pretend this is horrible,
And that you can take a higher moral ground (which term is a pretty Supremacist and by
extension immoral ground in my mind)

But I think

Just like we can pretend only our spouses are attractive
Or at least that no one else really interests us,

We can pretend this.

Although, don’t ask me to define what “this” is – after all, you’re the one reading this
poem, so don’t put that one on me.

I guess it’s love defined by how many people you can’t love
…Which is love.
Just like religion is:

Well, let me stop

myself there.

Full stop.

I just want to say that …[what I must hide in brackets, like how INSERT NAME can’t believe
how many interpret Jesus and helping the poor]. Just know, nobody ever killed in the name of
the devil.

They reserve that honor for God.


It’s a good thing this poem is sloppy and has a cloud of off-putting taste like so many
rejections in life. Why? Because our anger never manifests itself in empathetic terms. If I
cannot personally offend you with my word choice, then I don’t think you’re really hearing me.

Michael T. Smith is an Assistant Professor of the Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University, where he received his PhD in English.  He teaches cross-disciplinary courses that blend humanities with other areas.  He has published over 100 pieces (poetry and prose) in over 40 different journals.  He loves to travel.