Marty Carlock

What did he expect anyway 
he never played nicely with the other planets
went his own peculiar way wandering off for no reason
Until finally we noticed he was just too different.

Nobody thinks of him anymore 
just an idea out on the fringe of everything.

Marty’s fiction has been published in American Literary Review, Crack the Spine, Diverse Arts Project, Edison Literary Review, Evening Street Review, Fiction Fix, Flock, The Griffin, Halfway Down the Stairs, Glint Literary Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Ink Pantry, Inscape, The MacGuffin, The Madison Review, MARY: A Journal Of New Writing, Menda City Press, Minetta Review, Old Red Kimono, Pennsylvania English, riverSedge, Phantasmagoria, Sanskrit, Schuylkill Valley Journal, and The Storyteller. His poetry has been published by Door Is a Jar, Edison Literary Review, Green Prints, Hobart, inscape, and Moon City Review. For almost 20 years, he was a regular contributor to The Boston Globe and other publications; more than 30 newspapers and magazines have published some 1,600 articles under his byline. He is the author of two editions of A Guide to Public Art in Greater Boston. At the present time he writes for Sculpture and Landscape Architecture magazines, and reviews fiction and nonfiction for the Internet Review of Books.