Ron Riekki

March 2, 2016

I’ve done three tourniquets.

                                                       But that’s over sixteen years.

One lost his leg. 

                                                                   Not “lost,” because we found it.

It was in the swamp, 

                                                                               my partner searching with a flashlight,

worried as all hell 

                                                                                          about the alligators.

You have to bring the body part 

                                                                               with you, in the back of the ambulance.

Doctors these days do miracles. 

                                                                   They also do sins.

They do drugs and nurses 

                                                         and sometimes nothing.

The other two, 

                                        their legs were saved.

I imagine Jesus 

                         coming down,

standing over their disconnected
              body, waving his hand,   

and then I appear,
fat, smoke-breathed.


Ron Riekki’s books include U.P., The Way North (2014 Michigan Notable Book), and Here (May 2015, MSU Press).


What motivates him to create:
Simply, I think I often desperately want to connect with people.