Andrew Madigan

December 1, 2014


Andrew J. Khaled Madigan is a writer and photographer. He spent 20 years traveling in the Middle East and Far East. His first novel, Khawla’s Wall, will be published by Second Wind later this year.

What motivates him to create:

“I don’t know what leads me to create things. I feel compelled, and then do it right away without thinking. There’s no waiting room or limbo during which I think about it or consider why. It’s possible that nostalgia for everything that has gone before, for all the many deaths that make up a life, and every moment, is behind this, for all of us. We create as a bulwark against the inevitable demise of everything that we have ever loved and will ever admire. Perhaps we create as a rebellion or making-do because we have no real control over all of this death; we want to put something in its place, a placard to mark what has passed. Sorry I can’t be more definitive or eloquent.”