Lisa Wilde

April 15, 2014


About the Work:

“I teach at a second-chance high school in New York City. ‘Jasmine’ is part of a series inspired—in the sense of breathing in—by aspects of my students’ lives, which are often too difficult and too complex for people who are so young."

Lisa Wilde is an artist and teacher. Her graphic novel, Yo, Miss – A Graphic Look at High School is available from Microcosm Publishing as a series of five zines, and will be released as a book in January 2015. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family.

What motivates her to create:
“I create because I have to. It is tied to the core of who I am, and the act of creating makes me happy. It is a place that I find extremely interesting, even when things don’t go well. Creating involves trust, risk, and remaining open. This in turn can lead to profound breakthroughs, which is incredibly beautiful.”