It Is Madness
Shannon Kelly

March 26, 2014

Crazed! All daft loons!
Rotting, reeking in vases
Crying pink and white on
Counter tops, slipping down
Drains in sinks, in bathtubs,
Filled with Voltaire, Nietzsche,
Miller, salt-coated and shaking
In bathrobes, roasting by
Fireplaces, running down
Staircases shrieking,

It’s optimism! It’s a tonic! It is
Moonlight! It’s protection! It’s
In all of the cities! It is youth!
It is freedom! It destroyed a
Generation, we must leave the
Door to it ajar!
 Demented kooks,

Ripped open, leaking onto tables,
Fingers plunging in to tear it out,
Plug it up, put it back in, the
Nobility of souls! It is love!
Smoldering in doorways, stretched
Out on carpets, on floors, singing
Along, stepping on cracks, falling
Out of clothes, clutching at sheets,
Biting into shoulders, wailing
Against the ache of atrophy, against
A corrosive emptiness, bellowing,

It is vitality! It’s invigorating!
It’s every great genius! It’s sold
By the bottle! It is break-through
And enslavement! It is the mother!
It’s today! It is the rule of nations!
We’re given only just
A little spark of it!

Shannon Kelly is a graduate of Manhattanville College, having earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance and Theater as well as a B.A. in Linguistic Expression (self-designed). She is a working actor and model in NY, a prolific writer, and enjoys a strong cup of tea.

Follow Shannon’s work in writing, modeling, and performance at

What motivates her to create:
“Art offers freedom: of expression, of existence, of experience. Art encourages ownership of the self by the self. It provides an environment in which we can explore material that is explosive, volatile, and unacceptable. It is the beating heart of our society, connecting us to ourselves and to one another in a way that is necessary and essential.

This is what has attracted me to its study and practice from the beginning. My ability to articulate my reasons for it are still a work in progress. I only know I have to keep making art. It has given me a space to meditate on my experiences and create new ones. It has challenged me and terrified me. It is some of the most difficult work I’ve had to do and by far the most satisfying. It forces me to explore, to learn, and to evolve so that my work makes me a better human being through its pursuit.

This is why I am an artist. It’s what I have to do, it’s how I communicate, it is where I feel some of most rich and intense emotions that I can, and chief among them is love.”