In Silico

Ann Michael

Low light, pale blue
rectangle in the dim room


hunched over his big ideas
as yet writ small: beginnings


from quadrants, pixel-point
vector-graph evolving


from a boolean ontology,
tricking the human eye


third dimension, volume,
texture wrapping, construct


the real. Ovum a tiny cell
germinated through idea


electron and light until
skepticism’s suspended


on a screen. Who trusts
eyes any longer? Trust


to neurons, as if the brain
were fooled less easily 


than the eye. Screen light:
he pulls strings, sets traps


something of nothing. Halo
behind him. Hands busy


mind engaged, the hard
work of invention: Genesis.                                                                


Ann E. Michael coordinates the writing center at DeSales University in Center Valley, PA. Her poems are collected in her book Water-Rites and in four chapbooks. She blogs about poetry, the environment, and philosophy at