Piss and graffiti

DS Maolalai

they happen naturally,
and both
in the same spots.

it's all
in very out of the way
places - alleys,
broken buildings
and hidden under bridges - bits
where you may
get a second
to spray something
without being caught.

one might,
if one didn't know,
assume human beings
pissed spraypaint and markers,
or that graffiti
is the natural result
of alcohol
and spilled slash.
that's why
you'd get so much of it
in the pub jacks
just above the urinals.

animals do it
at the same times
and for the same reasons -
is my spot. I
was here.

it's beautiful though
sometimes. a good spray
over the walls,
catching the old shots
and covering them up
with new stuff.
like shells
at the bottom of a rockpool
all colors,
and the smell too,
wafting off it -

spotted with crab-legs
and a light breeze
holding at low tide.

DS Maolalai is a poet from Ireland who has been writing and publishing poetry for almost 10 years. His first collection, Love is Breaking Plates in the Garden, was published in 2016 by the Encircle Press. He has been nominated for Best of the Web and twice for the Pushcart Prize.