Decloaking Surrealism

Tobias Oggenfuss


Tobias Oggenfuss is an artist in movement, metaphorically as well as physically, as he explores the kinetics of the world around himself. In effect Tobias is an integral part of the overall perpetual motion of atoms and electrons, the not so linear photons that reveal our world and universe. 

His images seemingly capture Earth’s rotation and that of the cosmos in a surrealist fashion, the deconstruction of our perceived environment and the challenging of our visual perception. 

Tobias challenges the banal, thrusts the viewer into a warped reality that actually exists within our experiential comprehension and experiences; he questions and exposes our limitations: he reveals the known. But with the added questioning of the existing kinetics of known and non-charged particles, Tobias simply creates reality-based representations of the ever-present surrealism that escapes us due to cultural experiences and precepts. 

Using motion while creating art allows the viewer to peer through the cloak that reality casts onto the surreal.