Cabin Fever
Lucia Cherciu

November 12, 2014

Envy is like feeling cold
and eating cookies
instead of turning up the heat
or putting on more clothes.

Like fighting a bout of cabin fever
by taking a nap
instead of stepping outside
in the snow
and running till the boots
get stuck in a drift
crossing the park in the soft
sounds of late afternoon.

Envy is like reading all day
about miracle foods
and then eating the whole
blueberry pie still warm
out of the oven,
sugar throbbing in my ears
like a sparrow caught
in the warehouse at Lowe’s.

Lucia Cherciu is a Professor of English at SUNY / Dutchess in Poughkeepsie, NY. She was born in Romania and she writes both in English and in Romanian. She is the author of two books of poetry: Lepădarea de Limbă (The Abandonment of Language), Editura Vinea 2009, and Altoiul Râsului (Grafted Laughter), Editura Brumar 2010. Her poetry appeared in Connecticut Review, Connotation Press, Cortland Review, Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and the Environment, Memoir, Off the Coast, Paterson Literary Review, The Prose-Poem Project, Spillway, Oglinda Literară, Pro Saeculum, Salonul Literar, Timpul, Hyperion, Contrapunct, Astra, and elsewhere.

What motivates her to create:

“The guilt that I didn’t spend more time with my father or that I didn’t listen more to his stories inspires me to try to piece together fragments of memories with him. Additionally, writing in a second language makes no sense because my mother doesn’t speak English and so she can’t read my poems. But it’s the need to retell all those stories, to celebrate our laughter together that brings me to my writing chair after my daughter goes to bed.
To me, my poems are like the apricots my father picked from the garden and saved on the table for us.”