3 Poems
Roger Sedarat

February 25, 2014

erasure of the snow lamb

                                          “no shepherd, no pastoral”
                                          —leo marx

how unexpected snowflakes falling as letters
banal blizzard of nonsense
incessant iterations of no snowflake looks the same
what’s so special about random combinations
dr seussian w. stevensian baloney babble
littering forgotten sidewalks of oil stricken streets
wasteland without children scooping
meaningful elements of blank with mittens
into figurative fathers corpse cold sepulchers
patriarchal empty minds of old man winter
my kingdom for a belligerent adolescent
emerging out of suburbia like christ from bethlehem
who will erect a series of snow lambs
on x-mas eve



word lamb knows enough greek
to play the derivatives game
so a la mode among hedge fund gurus

figuring false gods before him
following his blind objective
to make an infinite amount of green


möbius strip of the word lamb


melioeus you walk your sheep along
a möbius strip talking tityrus in circles
or is it vice versa
truth be told insofar as e. pound
says all lit is contemporaneous
we don’t really care
until eclogue 4’s anxiety of influence
taking on octavian as heir to j. caesar
age old oedipal struggle made new
call it the great increase of jove
take off your clothes and cry out
hear the voice of the bard [!]
a revolution of one still sounds the same
nostalgia for the idea of arcadia
[objet petit a alphabet as first priority etc.]

the grim eyed lioness pursues the wolf
the wolf the she-goat the she-goat herself
who can limit love who owns the flock

so a line drawn from start to finish
doubles back to the pursuit of origins
your sheep moving along a conveyor belt

Roger Sedarat is the author of two poetry collections: Dear Regime: Letters to the Islamic Republic, which won Ohio University Press’s 2007 Hollis Summers’ Prize, and Ghazal Games (Ohio University Press, 2011). He teaches poetry and literary translation in the MFA program at Queens College, City University of New York.

What Motivates him to create:
“Sufi mysticism, all kinds of great music, and painful desire.”