Fay Helfer


An Expression of Impermanence
The essence of existence is impermanence. A constant state of flux can indicate that there is no fixed nature. As everything changes from one form to another, nothing ceases to exist, only appears to. While the relative existence disappears, components can become something else.

Also known as wood burning, pyrography means “writing with fire.” It’s the art of decorating wood or other materials with controlled application of a heated point. As a medium, pyrography and pigments on wood is much like a tattoo on flesh. The etches burn into the wood, chemically changing its surface properties, and the pigments get absorbed into the wood, dyeing the surface layers. Like tattoos, this seems permanent. But destruction is always an option and atrophy over time is inevitable.



[Driftwood Heart 05]


[Aeoneum Heart]


[Clover Heart]




[Pupae 03]


[White Rabbit]



Fay Helfer is originally from St. Martin/Maarten and holds an MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her work embraces a spirit of randomness and ‘why not?’ with science, humour and pop culture influences. She can now be found creating in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.